Tuesday, 10 November 2015


SOOO excited! I've just seen my and Harris's etickets for our December holiday in the UK with my mum in law Jan and Tom! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh it's going to be so good! We'll be in our 'second home', Devon, and it may even snow! And maybe we could go sleighing and build snow men and lie in the snow and make snow angels. Squealing with excitement... for Harris... of course...

We'll be there for most of December and best of all ... for Christmas! Our first UK Christmas in 3 years. You'll laugh but I took one look at those etickets and straightaway, my cheesy head just filled with Christmas songs, ... right this minute, Chris Reah and I are dueting (quite loudly) to "Driving home for Christmas". 

Christmas. Yup, you either love it or hate it. Me? I love it. Unabashedly, unashamedly so and have done so since primary school. When I was little my grandmother took care of us grandchildren in the afternoon after school. My tiny beautiful grandmother of the long silver plaits wound like a coronet around her head, was a very pious Muslim always conscious of passing Islamic knowledge onto her grand kids. Well, Christmas would draw closer and I'd get caught up, filled to the brim with Christmas spirit and, utterly unable to help myself, I'd have to make a mad dash outside onto her stoep and belt out those Christmas carols and songs at the top of my squeaky voice for all the world to hear... And at some point my poor gentle grandmother would be alerted to my indiscretions and mortified out of her mind, would rush out to drag me back inside. Bless her beautiful soul!

I've given up trying to understand any of it. And now, knowing that I'll be seeing Jan, who is just the funnest mother-in-law, especially at Christmas time, and Tom who lives for festivities and treating Harris, I can hardly wait. Looking so forward to crafting handmade decorations and doing up the house, all kitsch and festive, Harris decked out like the Michelin man as we traipse through woods to  choose the most perfect Christmas tree, singing along to Christmas songs on Radio 2, Christmas games and quizzes with close family and friends and watching Harris, quivering with excitement on Christmas morning and tearing through his mountain of presents.