Monday, 6 August 2012

Arms flung wide in welcome - family through thick and thin

Last night was lovely. Baby Harris and I, along with my mum, dad, sister Zaytoon and her fiance and my brother attended a family gathering at my aunts place in Salt River, Cape Town. Still slightly raw and having not wanted to answer any questions about the breakup of my marriage, I hadmade a point of avoiding family functions and have'nt been to one in the longest time. What an idiot, I should have known better because family are ... well they're family and no matter what, they're there with their arms open wide, smiles as big as their hearts and food enough to feed an army. Certainly food enough to soothe the soul and make you remember what it feels like to feel warm and fuzzy inside again. I love my family, they're wonderful and all that stressing about having to answer probing questions was a waste of time because sweet darling people that they are, there wasn't a single awkward moment. Instead there was the usual teasing that I remember from my childhood, and lots of excited talking about Zaytoon and my cousin Nasheeta's upcoming weddings and the hilarious going ons of absent family and friends. They all wolfed down large portions of the huge chicken pie I made and absolutely everyone adored baby Harris who happily went from arm to arm, leaving me proud as a peacock and incredibly chuffed to watch him graciously submitting to all the kisses rained down upon him and charming everyone present with his 13 month old baby babble. My little sweetheart. 

my famous chicken pie

Harris and I