Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Geek Chic - Makeup for Girls with Glasses

Hey Beauties

Two weeks back I got fitted with new frames and ... they're so lush (big cheesy smile) and that's why this post is all about how to do MAKEUP for GIRLS with GLASSES, and be Geek Chic. 

I'm near sighted with a high script and have been wearing spectacles since I was about 2. Growing up I was so horribly self conscious about them, that as soon as I was able to, I switched to contact lenses and its really, only recently that I've allowed myself to 'accept' that its actually cool to wear glasses in public. Hurrah!

Thing is, my near sighted high script means that my eyes look a lot smaller which is eeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!! a huge NO NO, so I do what I can to minimise the effect. If you're far sighted then it's likely that you have the opposite issue - your eye look bigger.

And that brings us to these tips which I've been obsessing about, and now want to share with you.

Focus on your eyes. Pretty self explanatory right? But really, it really is all about the eyes. For us myopic girls, the whole exercise is a desperate attempt to make our eyes appear bigger to counterbalance the effect of our high script lenses. 

Anyhoo, here's what I do once I've applied my foundation, and done a bit of highlight and contouring;


Invest in a good undereye concealer. It is without equal your most essential makeup purchase, and your best friend when wearing glasses. 

Gently pat on undereye concealer and set with translucent powder. Very important especially in the hot summer months when your concealer's melting off your face within minutes. 

Highlight the area under your eye to brighten your face. I highlight in a triangular shape that extends along the sides of my nose to the edge of my eye.

Keep things simple here and use a shimmery (NOT glittery) eye shadow in natural shades such as nudes, champagne, soft golds or bronze. 

Glittery, bold coloured lids (bright greens, blues, pinks etc.) will compete with your frames and could have you looking like you stepped out of the 70s ... which depending on where you're at, may or may not be a good thing?

Top Lash Line 

Black gel or liquid liner against your top lash line ending in a cat eye does wonders for opening up your eyes, and making them appear bigger and wider. 

Also don't feel like you need to keep your gel liner super super thin. With glasses I tend to double the width of my gel liner. I'm not talking Amy Winehouse wide, but enough to be noticeable.
Rule of thumb - the thicker your frame, the thicker your gel liner.

Water Line

Line your waterline with a white or champagne eyeliner to make your eyes appear larger in an instant. I use a champagne liner as white's a bit too stark on me. 

(p.s. I am in love with my champagne eyeliner. I use it for any number of things - to conceal blemishes, brighten the inner corner of my eye, highlight the bridge of my nose, and the bow of my lips. One word - Miracle Worker)

Lower Lash Line
Line the outer three quarters of your lower lash line with a dark eyeliner - navy, burgundy and brown eyeliners favour everyone and are less harsh than black.

Mascara and lots of it. Two coats if you please, on both your top and bottom lashes and ... you're looking for all the world like a deer caught in headlights. Precisely the look we're going for!

Aaaand Eyes are done, lets move on to;


Eyebrows help frame your face, so observe their natural shape, weed out any stray hairs, fill them in where needed and keep them clean. 


Add some fresh youthful prettiness to your face with a peach or rosy pop of blush onto the apples of your cheeks.


Glasses, especially the bold, larger framed ones in fashion right now, can make you look a little top heavy as they draw all attention to the upper part of your face. Restore the balance with a gorgeous bold lip. Think exciting reds, bright pinks or kissable corals. mwah!

So these are what works for me, and I hope that you find some of them useful. I've come to really love my glasses, high script and all, and find them such a fun accessory with which to change up my look. Especially now that I know how to get the most out of them. Yayyy glasses!

Let me know what you think, whether any of these worked for you, and oh! please drop me any other glasses makeup tips. I'd love to have them.

kiss kiss