Thursday, 9 September 2010

coming back from tomorrow

what does that even mean? hell i dont know. today is a happy day. last night my husband came home with a savannah bag of south african goodies from the south african shop at london bridge and i love the bag and i love the Ouma Rusk and Nick Nacks (which we dont get here!) and Simba salt and vinegar my favourite flavour and tempo chocolates which are to die for and fruit dainties which immediately made me think of my mum who always has to have them on Eid. Sometimes I love him lots and lots. Do you have fruit dainties for tomorrow Mummy? I do! its Eid tomorrow! I'm making a pie and a cheese cake. And I've bought the most gorgeous vintage dress from River Island. Man sometimes I just love that shop! Have a look at my dress and tell me how fabulous you think it is.