Friday, 17 September 2010

Porto Vecchio, Corsica

So excited to finally be going somewhere after what feels like 5 years in London. Its not really but i know you know what i mean.

I'll be in Corsica in France with bezzie friend Waheeda, Adiel, Suri my little flower, Warda the shopaholic, Razaan the sweet tooth and someone's mum from 23-28 September! yayyyyyy!!!! We'll be in Porto Vecchio and all our accommodation, flight, transport and schengen visa stuffs all sorted. now we just have to get there and let the holiday fun begin. so exciting.

anway so this is a pic of the beach we're really close to. like literally 5 minutes walk away! I'm never leaving it. Actually, you know how i do travel writing but haven't written anything at all in the longest time? well, i'm really keen to do a piece on Porto Vecchio and promise to publish here for your comments before i shoot it off to magazine editors.