Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello world I’m pregnant

I’m going to be somebody’s mama. I still can’t quite believe it. I feel like I’ve waited all my life to be able to say those words and now that I can, I keep putting my fingers to my lips to stop myself from uttering them out loud for fear that saying them will wake me from a beautiful dream. But it isn’t a dream, it’s all real. It took a scan and the sight of a little baby wiggling its arms and legs and bouncing about in my womb to make it all sink in. To say that I am happy is the hugest understatement. I’m more than happy. I’m full of happiness and excitement and joy. Everything about being pregnant fascinates me. I’m utterly fascinated by my waist line, which for years I watched obsessively, now thicken and disappear. Fascinated by the little sleep I manage to squeeze out of a night though I’m spent and exhausted and in bed by 10. Fascinated by how my hair and nails seem to grow so fast, and my forehead suddenly begin to sprout fine spots. For so long I watched my friends and cousins and sister have children and each time I’d love the happiness being pregnant brought them and I’d love the little person they brought into the world, and I’d hope that one day it would be me. When Tom and I got married last year I wondered if I would be similarly blessed and now I have been. There is a little person inside of me … and come 10 June 2011, I am going to be its mommy.