Friday, 3 December 2010

Making my way in Merrells through the perils of snowy London

Hi! Today i took one look out of the window at 6:30 and then refused to get out of bed for two hours ... I'm generally walking into work at 9am so you can imagine how rebellious my behaviour was! I just couldn't face it - the snow. Its so cold and tricky and i'm terrified I'll slip. When i eventually left the flat i was wearing my little black boots, the ones with the studs but one step into the snow was enough to see me turning tail and rushing back for my Merrell hiking shoes. Lots of grip here and the added surety of making it through treacherous terrain without any slippage. Yayyyy I love my Merrells. They're not exactly my most fashion forward footwear but they got me to and from work without a single mishap. mwah! xxx