Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gossip Girl. Eeeeeeek!

What's got me seriously excited on this long slow Tuesday afternoon?

The knowledge that season 4 of Gossip Girl kicks off tomorrow evening on ITV2!!!!!

Ohhhh at long long last I am to have what I've longed for most - to be reunited with Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Call me a sado but THIS is what it boils down to. I love my weekly fix of Manhattans upper elite and their going ons.

Do I live vicariously? Ohhhhhhh yes. Yes please :)

gossip girl

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Xfactor - Rebecca Ferguson singing 'A Change is Gonna Come'

Absolutely have to share this with you. Last night Tom and I watched xfactor and were blown away by the pure and gentle voice of once contestant. She sang Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come. I was so moved, my eyes filled up and fat tears rolled down my cheeks.

To listen, click Rebecca Ferguson singing A Change is Gonna Come on xfactor

Estee Lauder New Pure Colour inspired look

So I tried this look and ... yeah I haven't got it down pat just yet bu u ut... I do sort of like it. Its quite dramatic and definitely not my minimilistic everyday thing but come next big night out ... I reckon that i'll be rocking it :)

what dyou think? i know its not a very good pic and the lightings kind of dulled it down quite a it but can this work for me?

True Blue

loving Estee Lauder's new pure colour for eyes lips and nails! Will have a go and see if I come even close to achieving this look.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Porto Vecchio, Corsica

So excited to finally be going somewhere after what feels like 5 years in London. Its not really but i know you know what i mean.

I'll be in Corsica in France with bezzie friend Waheeda, Adiel, Suri my little flower, Warda the shopaholic, Razaan the sweet tooth and someone's mum from 23-28 September! yayyyyyy!!!! We'll be in Porto Vecchio and all our accommodation, flight, transport and schengen visa stuffs all sorted. now we just have to get there and let the holiday fun begin. so exciting.

anway so this is a pic of the beach we're really close to. like literally 5 minutes walk away! I'm never leaving it. Actually, you know how i do travel writing but haven't written anything at all in the longest time? well, i'm really keen to do a piece on Porto Vecchio and promise to publish here for your comments before i shoot it off to magazine editors.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Abubakr and Ghanaan

Cant get enough of my sisters' two - Abubakr (6months) and Ghanaan (a year and 8 months)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Eid Mubarak. Wishing muslims everywhere great joy and peace as we prepare to celebrate this beautiful day.

coming back from tomorrow

what does that even mean? hell i dont know. today is a happy day. last night my husband came home with a savannah bag of south african goodies from the south african shop at london bridge and i love the bag and i love the Ouma Rusk and Nick Nacks (which we dont get here!) and Simba salt and vinegar my favourite flavour and tempo chocolates which are to die for and fruit dainties which immediately made me think of my mum who always has to have them on Eid. Sometimes I love him lots and lots. Do you have fruit dainties for tomorrow Mummy? I do! its Eid tomorrow! I'm making a pie and a cheese cake. And I've bought the most gorgeous vintage dress from River Island. Man sometimes I just love that shop! Have a look at my dress and tell me how fabulous you think it is.