Thursday, 16 May 2013

What does your Makeup Bag say about YOU?

I LOVE Makeup. This is my Makeup Bag. It is filled with life's absolute necessities. And I LOVE it.

I've always had one. A makeup bag I mean...  When we were really young my mum got my sister and I Tinkerbell makeup kits - lipstick, powder, nail varnish and scent. And there began my undoing ... I was ruined. For life. And happily so.

Friends and family noticed and nicknamed me Miss Tinkerbell. So very very apt. They knew then already that it would become the altar at which I worshipped. 

 Life's absolute necessities: Foundation and concealer for sweet unblemished skin, blush to kiss dimpled cheeks,  khol and mascara for languid eyes, red lipstick to accentuate a pretty pout, and delicate scents to leave a lasting impression.
To the uninitiated my makeup bag may seem like just another humble makeup bag, but to me it is my saviour. My go-to when I'm bored, sad, excited or tired, the answer to all my questions, my elixir and bestfriend. I know that once I've had a taste of its contents I'll emerge happy, my world set to right and all conquering again.
So here's what I got to wondering: What does YOUR makeup bag say about you?