Monday, 8 September 2014

If you dont want it then you better TAKE THE RING OFF IT

5 months since my divorce … and I’m still wearing my engagement ring.

The wedding band’s long ago been chucked to some long forgotten drawer. That happened almost two years back when we first separated and honestly I don’t know where it is. About the same time, I moved my engagement ring to my right hand and it’s stayed there. All well and good …

BUT … we’ve been divorced for 5 months and … It’s. Still. There.
And lately I’ve been wondering about that.

Here’s what started all the wondering. A couple of weeks back I got sucked into having a smokey eye done at one of those pop-up makeup kiosks in Cavendish Square. My cheeky makeup artist when surveying her handiwork at the end of my makeover said, ‘baby, hubby gonna luuuurve you tonight!’. Straightaway I said ‘I’m not married, I’m divorced’.

To which my paragon of wisdom, planting her talons on her skinny-ass hips says, “why you still wearing his ring hmm?!” and I sputtered out something along the lines of ‘cos I can, it’s mine and I still think its really pretty.’ Well she fixed me with an eye something awful and pursing her nude glossed lips said “long’s you wearing dat ring baby, you pushin all dem good men away.” And … well … I couldn’t think of a single comeback, so I just laughed it off and quickly got us onto a safer topic.

But see I am still wearing the ring. And for the life of me… I don’t really know why. Do I want him back? No. Do I still love him? No. If there was a chance in hell at a reunion, would I still want to be married to him? Heck no.   

… so what’s the holdup?