Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Between Forked Paths


So, ... a few days back I ran into the inspiration behind a poem I wrote almost 15 years ago called Between Forked Paths. Of course, I had to go and dig it out, and reading it had me giggling at how keenly I felt life and love, and passion and torment... Not much has changed!

Scroll down to read, and let me know what you think. 

Love you madly!

Between Forked Paths

Between forked paths I stand and waver 
Presented with two equal choices
Undecided indecision, rife and stifling

I am the spider web, too many radii present too many choices
I am the math equation, numerous tangents, going no where?

And why?

Because you came close
And I, in a moment unguarded bid you enter
And you lingered just… a moment
…a moment and I am marked deep within, scorched by your fire
The flame that will not be subdued

And what would I rather,
why would I rather

A choice between adoration or struggle
What sense, this dive in perversity

This fly struggles in your web spun of silk
Memories of escape have faded yet it struggles still

And …hidden at heart, is the secret unspoken thrill