Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Let's talk Nose Contouring

Let's talk

Hello hello!

Today we're talking nose contouring, which is the way you contour your nose to make it look longer and slimmer. What do I love about it? How it TOTALLY changes the way you look!

I don't do this everyday. I'm okay with my nose, it's round and in summer it's covered in freckles and I've gotten to the point where I'm good with it ... but when I really really want to look all sharp and swish, well then I'm not going to turn up my nose to a bit of contouring.

First time I saw it done, I could not believe how it completely changed the model's face. I gasped, hit pause, scrambled over to my mirror and tried to replicate what I'd just seen. The results, though still quite rough at that point, were... wow. The person staring back at me had a thin nose. It was crazy! And cool! And crazy! But mostly just tres tres treeeeeeees cool!

And now heeeeere's how you can do it!

Have fun



Step 1

Dip a small shadow brush into a cool matte brown press powder/eye shadow and moving down from your brows, draw two thin lines, close to each other, along the inside length of your nose. Connect them at an angle at the bottom.

(Some MUA's say to draw the lines along the sides of your nose. That's great if you simply want to define your nose. If you want to slim it down you'd need to draw the lines along the inside length of your nose.)

Step 2

Blend the lines using a beauty blender or small fluffy blending brush. Blend until you can't see any lines, just shadow.

Step 3
Use your concealer/ highlighter to draw a thin line down the centre of your nose. Use your fingers or beauty blender to blend.

Step 4
Dab concealer/ highlighter high against the sides of your nose. Use your ring finger or a beauty blender to pat it into the inner corner of your eye and under it.


  • It's not a good idea to use bronzer to contour your nose. Bronzer adds warmth to your face. For contouring to look natural, it needs to look like a shadow – hence the cool matte brown shade.
  • Concealer/ highlighter is really really important. Using just the press powder/ eye shadow will make your nose look like a brown blob on your face. You need the lighter shade to illuminate your nose.