Tuesday, 14 July 2015

REVIEW: Experience PAIN-FREE Laser Hair Removal at Orchid Laser and Beauty Spa

Hey my Beauties!
So this past Saturday I had the crazy pleasure of meeting the delightfully zany Aziza Manie Dramat​, of Orchid Laser and Beauty Spa in Wetton, Cape Town​.

*For those of you who don't know, Orchid Laser offers permanent, pain-free laser hair removal (along with other beauty therapies) at reasonable prices.

Now, having previously experienced laser hair removal and vowing to NEVA EVA EVVVVA go there again, I was justifiably a sceptic, a cynic just waiting to be proven right... everyone knows that laser hair removal could only ever mean excruciating, mind numbing, heart stopping pain.  Right?!

Only ... I was wrong. I was SO wrong. Beauties, it doesn't have to mean that anymore.

... That wily woman Aziza , she knew what was going on behind my fake smile and offered me a free demo. Her weapon of choice - the Harmony Pain-Free Hair-Free laser hair removal system which heats the hair in your follicles and stops it from producing new hair while keeping your skin cool and comfortable. To start with, you don a pair of protective shades, Aziza enters your details into a touchscreen which calculates the degree of laser required, lubes you up with an icy gel, and runs the hand piece across the area you're having lasered. I had my lower arms done and ... it took all of 16 minutes per arm.

16 painLESS minutes. So utterly painless, I was weeping in wonder. Seriously, it was so good, I could easily have had my bikini area lasered while leisurely sipping on a honeybush (yeah I went there) tea from precious china teacups, and musing on the state of the nation. You get where I'm going with this right? No pain. Nada. Not even a smidgen.
I'm going back and getting everything done!

Aziza, in stitches at my incredulous expression and professions of undying adoration, naturally had the last laugh. That woman, she knows her story, and I am now her most ardent fan. A true convert, and most satisfyingly so.

Naturally, I was too impressed to let go, so my new beauty guru Aziza and I, will be working closely together over the course of the next two months, to get her website up and running. And get this, I will be trying out all her treatments and reporting back to you! We're talking laser fat reduction, laser healing, laser facials, body talk sessions etc. etc. HAPPINESSS! 
But more on that later. For now, can I just say that I am loving my soft, smooth as a baby's bum arms, and the amazing painless method of achieving it. 6 to 8 more sessions, and soft, smooth as a baby's bum arms, will be mine permanently.

So Aziza Manie Dramat, I totally love you. I really do. And Orchid Laser, you are so many ladies' hope for a permanent hair-free future. Thank you!

I can't wait for Summer.




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